Manon Lanjouère

Manon was born in 1993, lives and works in Paris. After an undergraduation in Art’s history at the Sorbonne University in Paris she decided to dedicate herself fully into photography and joined Gobelins school of image in 2014 from which she graduated top of her class in 2017. Through a parallel evolution among a theatre in Paris, her practice of photography is characterised by directing and settings. Her work influenced by literature is focusing to depict fictional worlds. Worlds that allows her to tell her personal experiences with a certain detachment, in the hope to permit to the viewers to take over those stories. This distance, implied by the use of scientific expressions, is for lost of the time only simple disseminations or re-interpretations. She’s not on the search of any kind of truth but of a form of expression which could allows her to “dissect” her subjects, bringing her to a certain form of systematism. The scientific and the poetic, yet diametrically opposed, are the two motors of her photographic research. In the different subjects that she tackles, the attempts to understand the interaction between the landscape and the human stays central. This interaction whether ecological, spiritual etc always implies the notion of trace which is very important to her and attached the human to his condition.

© Sasha Marro


 All images and text © Manon Lanjouère