Study on Colour

«Et de même que la sensation physique du froid de la glace, lorsqu’elle pénètre plus profondément, éveille d’autres sensations plus profondes et peut évoquer toute une chaîne d’évènements psychiques, l’impression superficielle de la couleur peut se développer jusqu’à devenir un évènement.»
- Wassily Kandinsky, Du spirituel dans l’art, et dans la peinture en particulier







Study on Etching

« Quelque chose comme de l’orage et du sommeil», quelque chose entre la perte et sa mémoire. »
- Claude Royet-Journoud, Les objets contiennent l’infini

In this series of portraits, taken from my series Demande à la poussière, I put in scene bodies without any life or conscience, subjects endowed with very strong mental images. These protagonists could only be ourselves? Maybe they are all the same character? Perhaps they are between the state of arousal and dreaming? They do not seek in any case to show individuals in their own personality but a universality. They are, on this photographic scene, only a way of enlightening us about our selves. At the limit between life and death they are only delimitations of a mental space, a screen on which I project my vision. The exhaustion of the body, allows me to rediscover states of natural beings and thus to access the deepest areas of the individual.
The portraits of the "flesh statues (...) mummified by the heavenly fire" (Flammarion), which would petrify annihilating and produce a quasi-mineral material from the living, could only be a variant of these dead bodies now blinded by the reconstitution of memories. Or perhaps they are representations of the victims made by lightning that will soon be reduced to ashes. We come back to the dust.

Figure #2

Figure #5

Lumineuse pétrification #2

Figure #8

Lumineuse pétrification #3

Figure #7

Lumineuse pétrification #1

Figure #9

Figure #3


Study on Costume

«Ces îles se méritent et l’Atlantique vous soulève, vous secoue, vous garde suspendu à la crête des vagues et vous laisse retomber dans leur creux
et vous gifle de toute sa force tumultueuse pour bien vous signifier que vous entreprenez un voyage initiatique et que seuls les purs sortent vainqueur de l’épreuve.»
- Nicolas Bouvier, Journal d’Aran et d’autres lieux

What does Celtic country mean today ? What is defying those nations ? While many peoples start with the premise that the language which is the vector for consciousness, would be the link that bring together those nations, some others state that this assumption has not been proved and state the resemblance between those languages could be explained by their close geographical position. We can ask ourselves if those nations are rather related by similar way of life inherent to their coastlines. The sea would be this unit and indivisible element of Celtic’s character. I made myself the storyteller of my family’s maritime narrative and staged 4 peoples to be the storytellers of the maritime saga of those countries.







Study on Renaissance

"If we wish to convey the fact, the fact, the fact—that among those billions of brilliant couples in one cross section of what you will allow me to call spacetime (for the convenience of reasoning), one couple is a unique super-imperial couple, sverhimperatorskaya cheta, in consequence of which (to be inquired into, to be painted, to be denounced, to be put to music, or to the question and death, if the decade has a scorpion tail after all), the particularities of their love-making influence in a special unique way two long lives and a few readers, those pensive reeds, and their pens and mental paintbrushes. Natural history indeed!"
- Vladimir Nabokov, Ada or Ardor

It is according to these words by Nabokov that I depict this couple. They are Ada and Van from Nobokov's novel, Marguerite and Julien de Ravalet from french History. I am telling their stories, this mythical research on incest. Are they simply strangers? Even though they are alike, are they brothers and sisters? Did their brotherly complicity cross the boundary imposed by society? Are they simply lovers? Brothers and sisters? Perhaps both...
Like so many writers and film directors, I wanted to highlight, to crystallize this ambiguous love.


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