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«Ces îles se méritent et l’Atlantique vous soulève, vous secoue, vous garde suspendu à la crête des vagues et vous laisse retomber dans leur creux
et vous gifle de toute sa force tumultueuse pour bien vous signifier que vous entreprenez un voyage initiatique et que seuls les purs sortent vainqueur de l’épreuve.»
- Nicolas Bouvier, Journal d’Aran et d’autres lieux

What does Celtic country mean today ? What is defying those nations ? While many peoples start with the premise that the language which is the vector for consciousness, would be the link that bring together those nations, some others state that this assumption has not been proved and state the resemblance between those languages could be explained by their close geographical position. We can ask ourselves if those nations are rather related by similar way of life inherent to their coastlines. The sea would be this unit and indivisible element of Celtic’s character. I made myself the storyteller of my family’s maritime narrative and staged 4 peoples to be the storytellers of the maritime saga of those countries.






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