The Laboratory of the Universe
2020 - On going

Like a huge black screen, the sky is a stunning projection surface that welcomes our most futuristic aspirations and pushes us to ponder on our relationship to the Earth and the Universe. Always present above his head, the planets and stars have stimulated man's imagination, arousing in him the desire to reach them. Before the invention of the rocket, wasn't the imagination - a fantastic and inexhaustible field stimulated by the observation of the unknown - the source of scientist proposals? Has the call to dream suggested by a starry sky been futile since Neil Armstrong's first step on the moon ? Travelling thanks to the "wings of astronomy" (Abbé Moreux), The Laboratory of the Universe transports us indifferently to Saturn, an asteroid or a comet, and even to a planet whose existence we do not yet know. Thus the project tends to remind us how much we need to imagine other lands at a time when we are in the process of "losing" ours. And our fantasy machine reminds us of these infinite spaces to divert us from this earthly explosion.


The Celestial Mechanic, A mathode to reach extreme altitudes

At all time, man observed the celestial vault. Always present above his head, the planets and the stars have stimulated the imagination of man. They have generated in him the desire of reaching them. But our desire of flying requires an overachievement of the body, which alone cannot raise himself. But how to resolve the problem of the flight mecanic ? How to find that dynamic that will allows us to free ourselves from the gravity’s laws ?
In order for the chosen vehicle to receive a mathematically accurate impulse, the man had to follow the old celestial mechanics again. Thus was born the science of astronautics, capable of predicting the trajectory and speed of any projectile. With The Celestial Mechanic, I make myself the vessel of an imaginary trip, transporting us in the world’s confines, reminding us that imagination was and will overtly be the ideal vehicle of scientific proposals.


Ask the Dust, The Trace of Sky

Following the exemple of John Adams in I was looking at the ceiling and then I saw the sky, this act recounts a storm, a fictionnal catastrophe symbolizing the emotional shock of the protagonists.  The journey is following the struggle against the devastation and the transformation of the inner life. As she stares at the ceilling, the roof is collapsing under the weight of the thunder, and now facing the sky. This catastrophe is at the core of my approach by extending it to the use of the medium. The dust related to the practice of analogue photograhy representing the infinitely large of the cosmos, as well as the others alterations, become a full-fledged subject.  The image disappears in fragments of memories that are recomposing. The fiction thus treated leads us to this questioning: Can we trust any kind of writing in the constitution of a memory?


Bleu Glacé, Lexicon of icelandic landscape

Increasingly popular with tourists from all over the world looking for unexplored places to photograph, the purity of Iceland's landscapes is now under threat. With the number of annual visitors constantly growing, up to six times the local population, Iceland's land is being trampled and irreparably degraded. Between photography, sculpture and installation, Bleu Glacé offers itself as an alternative to mass tourism and offers an imaginary exploration for a motionless traveller, a livingroom room traveller. In these objects that I conceive, everyone is free to see a waterfall, an iceberg, a plastic sheet or polystyrene. And this use of synthetic materials brings us back to this question : How can the everyday use of plastics, resins and polymers change the geological landscapes of the world around us ?


More than an object. Much more than a Memory. The Chairs

Inspired by Eugène Ionesco’s play The Chairs and turnables from the 19th century, the installation questions our attachment to the object and the other, through the absurdity of lack and absence.
The transparency, the shade and the noise of the chairs play on the evocation of the presence of a body yet disappeared. Deeply melancholic, More than an object. Much more than a Memory awakens ghosts as well as feelings buried in the depths of each one of us.



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